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Function Generator

With original and exclusive features.

Multifunction Generator

WF1967 / WF1968

0.01 μHz to 200 MHz

Multifunction Generator

WF1973 / WF1974

0.01 μHz to 30 MHz

Multifunction Generator

WF1947 / WF1948

0.01 μHz to 30 MHz

Digital Function Generator


0.1mHz to 2MHz

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LCR Meter

For testing components and materials in R&D and production line.

LCR Meter

ZM2371 / ZM2372 / ZM2376

Basic accuracy: 0.08 %
Measurement frequency:
1 mHz to max. 5.5 MHz

Test Fixtures and Leads

Variety of measurement fixtures
are available for various applications.

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Lock-in Amplifier / Preamplifier

For advanced research of device and measurement.

Lock-in Amplifier

LI5600 Series

Dual Frequency Simultaneous
0.5 Hz to 11 MHz

Wideband Current Amplifier

SA series

High gain and wideband
MAX. 10M (V/A)

Low Noise DC Power Supply

LP5393 / LP5394

Output noise: 10 μVrms or lower (typ.)

Differential Amplifier


Wide bandwidth : DC to 10MHz
High gain : 10 to 1000

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AC Power Source

The hybrid power control achieves stable output
in various load conditions.

Programmable AC/DC
Power Source


Full Power 1 kVA AC and 1 kW DC
Max Output Voltage: 310 V

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Function Modules

By using high-reliability technology,
NF supports everything from circuit design to modularization.

Wideband Current Amplifier

CA series

Gain: 10 G (V/A), DC to 20 kHz
Noise: 2.5 fA/√Hz (typ.).

Transimpedance Amplifier

IV-202F4 / IV-204F3

Gain: 1×10 5 (V/A)
Frequency response: DC to 10 MHz

Transcondactance Amplifier

VI-206F1 / VI-207F1 / VI-309F1

Transconductance: 100μA/V
Load resistance range: 0Ωto 100kΩ

Piezo Driver

PD-206-150P / PD-206-150B

Gain: x 15
Frequency response: DC to 100 Hz

Phase Detector


Frequency range: 100Hz to 20kHz
Gain (φ=0): 1 to 10Vdc/Vo-p
Reference signal: C-MOS(0/+ 5V)

Resistor Tunable Filter

SR series

4-pole Elliptic LPF,
42 dB/oct equivalent

BCD Resistor

RD series

Logic frequency setting
for SR series

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Applications Infomation

xxxxxxxxxxxDummy Speed up PHY validation cycles and ensure consistency with automated measurement suites that identify jitter & noise from sources such as crosstalk or other multi-lane noise coupling.

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