Measurement Instruments

Signal Generators

NF Function generators offer wide array of output waveform, various oscillation modes, sequence functions, and other unique features.

LCR Meters

Low fluctuation and excellent accuracy.

Impedance / Gain-Phase Analyzer

A comprehensive analyzer for evaluating the characteristics of various electronic materials, components and circuit.

AC Voltmeter / Noise Meter

High-sensitivity noise measurement of audio equipment.

Lock-in Amplifiers

Ultra-small-signal measurements for high-level research fields such as nanotechnology.


NF preamplifier have variety of low noise preamplifiers for measuring small signals.


Noise elimination as part of pre-processing before measurement.

Frequency Response Analyzers

High-precision measurement of frequency response such as servo characteristics.

Power Supply and Power Test Products

AC Power Sources

For applications from voltage and frequency conversion to standards testing.

Power Amplifiers

For testing of piezoelectric actuators, ultrasonic motors, and electrical equipment.

Function Module

NF offers an extensive lineup of filters, amplifiers and phase detectors. Used in measurement preprocessing in device integration and experimentation.

Customized Products

NF can meet the full range of customer requirements, from circuit design to modularization.