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Low Noise Preamplifier

World’s top level preamplifier with extremely low noise

SA-200 series / SA-400 series

Wide voltage range measurement (sub micro-Volt to milli-Volt) Wide frequency range measurement (DC to 100MHz) Covering the various signal source impedance

SA series are preamplifiers for submicro-signal detection, which have been developed to assure noise reduction never achieved before. 9 types of SA series amplifiers, which vary by a frequency, input form, and input impedance, are available.

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Frequency Range Input Form Input Impedance Voltage Noise* Current Noise* Noise Figure* Voltage Gain
SA-200F3 DC to 800kHz Single-ended 1kΩ/10kΩ/100kΩ 0.5nV/√Hz 2.2pA/√Hz - 40dB
SA-220F5 1kHz to 80MHz Single-ended 1MΩ 0.5nV/√Hz 200fA/√Hz - 46dB
SA230F5 1kHz to 100MHz Single-ended 50Ω 0.25nV/√Hz 5.0pA/√Hz 0.6dB 46dB
SA240F5 DC to 20MHz Single-ended 1MΩ/10MΩ/open 1.2nV/√Hz 5fA/√Hz - 46dB
SA410F3 DC to 1MHz Differential 1kΩ/10kΩ/100kΩ 0.75nV/√Hz 4.5pA/√Hz - 40dB
SA420F5 1kHz to 70MHz Differential 1MΩ 0.9nV/√Hz 100fA/√Hz - 46dB
SA421F5 30Hz to 30MHz Differential 1MΩ 0.5nV/√Hz 100fA/√Hz - 46dB
SA430F5 1kHz to 100MHz Differential 50Ω 0.35nV/√Hz 7.0pA/√Hz 1.10dB 46dB
SA440F5 DC to 20MHz Differential 1MΩ/10MΩ/open 1.8nV/√Hz 25fA/√Hz - 40dB

*Typical value

Extremely low-noise characteristics

Equivalent input noise voltage density against Cut-off frequency

SA-200 Series
SA-400 Series

Equivalent input noise voltage density against input impedance

SA-200 Series
SA-400 Series

Wide measurement range (Amplifies extremely small voltage such as sub micro-Volt.)

Input voltage against frequency

SA-200 Series
SA-400 Series


SA series are used to foster versatility as sensor head amplifiers or preamplifier for sensitivity improvement and noise reduction in analyzers and measurement instruments.

  • Superconducting device in quantum computers
  • MCT (Mercury Cadmium Tellurium) sensor for infrared detection
  • Squid sensor for micro-magnet detection
  • High-temperature superconducting Josephson device for microwave detection
  • Electromagnetic sensor for MRI systems
  • Photodetector such as a photo-multiplier and photo-transistor
  • Improving sensitivity of lock-in amplifiers